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Shipping & Returns

How much do you receive shipments?
* All non-sale items are free of charge, as long as the order of at least 199, we support the distribution around the world.

When the order is sent?
Formal and non-UK orders: These orders are usually a few hours or the next working day after the purchase is given.
Express orders: If you ordered as soon as possible quick purchase orders will be scheduled soon.
Sometimes it takes a day or so longer, if the stock is not immediately available, or if the payment failed the initial screening.

How fast the order arrives?
Quick Rules: if ordered early enough in most express orders will arrive the next day, Monday to Thursday, Friday issued orders to arrive at the security check inventory and payment on the following Tuesday to Sunday.

Regular UK orders: either Hermes or sent by Royal Mail. Order should be with you within a few days, Hermes in order to follow-up, you can keep up to date on their progress. Royal Mail, we ask you, if you have not yet come before us to wait at least 10 days.

Non-UK Order: International orders by Royal Mail Airmail package service to send, not traceable This is a very reliable service, based on the location and order generally arrive within 7 days.